Welcome to the updated Ferret ADV Website

I have finally updated the style and links on this site. Like they say, the shoemaker’s kids are the last to get new shoes. Well the webmaster’s website is the last to get updated!

I am surprised to see all the new information that is now available. There are several sites about research.  Although some are a decade or several decades old, I find them interesting to read, and I thought you may also, so I’ve included them. I’ll try to find more interesting links as more become available.

I was also surprised to find Jerry Murphy’s talk at the 2011 Ferret Symposium to be available. That is worth the review! It goes into studies, facts, and gives lots of really good information. It talks about testing options that are available to your vet if you don’t want to send your tests out to Dr. Blau or want a second opinion.

I will be writing blog posts as I find something interesting. They mostly won’t be ADV related, but more likely general ferret related.

I hope you find something new or interesting in this site. Keep testing! It seems to be working!

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